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I always been a fan of NBA and loved to play basketball in high school and followed the path of Dwayne wade since 2010. Basketball became a passion for me in year 10 after growing up playing soccer since primary. I found basketball more challenging, engaging and technical fun than playing soccer. It made me realize what my true sport passion is and ever since i loved it even when i watch the NBA games online. it got me hooked and feel like i was a part of the game. i would stream live on my Mac at home or on the go with my iPhone.

NBA has always been changing in style, technique and ability of the athlete and rules of the game, even certain part of the year they celebrate events like cultural, history or star event such as all-star games or celebrity game.

I always enjoyed the all-stars and celebrity games, it bring people together in unity, culturally and acceptance of all age and backgrounds. they were always fun and enjoyable to watch, and were very successful each year. I always hoped to visit the game live in person one day.

Photo by NBA (ALL-STARS 2017)

in 2012-13 NBA season was crazy year for NBA finals between heats and Spurs. Very competitive and amazing close battle. it was best game i ever watch especially ray Allen clutch shot. (video by NBA).

it was Wade second title since 2006 and Lebron James first title since leaving Cleveland. It was very emotional and it was very special time for Miami heat.

2012 NBA Champions Miami Heat Parade
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They become a most successful super team to win it back to back in the next season. they fought hard, broke record for 27 wins in a row and fell short in their fourth title run to spurs. Which lead to eventually future champs including Warriors and Cleveland of 15 and 16 respectively. it was wild and crazy journey to watch them fight to the end.

However by 2015 players went separate ways and change teams, which wade eventually left to Chicago in late 2016 for better pay after being screwed over by the Miami Heat organisation, who tried to recruit Kevin Durant only to miss out opportunity to warriors. instead opted for younger players from D-league.

Wade made a decision to return to his home town based in Chicago., signing two years worth $47 Mills. After 13 years service to heat and multi pay cuts, he wasn’t happy with the admin and how he was treated for his lifetime service to his team.

Photo by daneeishat

This resulted shock-wave surprises around the league since Durant signing to warriors. lot of people were disappointed especially the fans, how thing has progressed but people were proud of wade achievements and hope he has a great career in Chicago Bulls.personally i’m glad he left, he deserved better opportunity, better pay to make a living and support his family. i look forward to wade and the bulls team making the nba finals. it will be tough journey and I have  faith for the players to keep healthy for battles to come. Miami heat are doing well despite setback and loss of great players and are  close to potentially becoming top 8 team. the future looks promising for both wade and Miami Heat.


3 thoughts on “NBA: MIAMI HEAT

    1. I do support miami heat even though players in past left team. I support certain players beside dwayne wade, i support players like isiah thomas and Russell westbrook and klay thompson


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