Ratchet & Clank (PS2 & PS4)

Growing up in the 90s were the best childhood memory experiencing many classic from music, technology and games. one of those fondest memory is PlayStation 2/4 game ratchet and clank, they were amazing and best game ever. I loved every action, the bolts and the famous OmniWrench 8000. The game series been around for 18 years now, reimagined for new and next generation taking inspiration from old classic.

Characters introduction:

Ratchet & Clank:

Photo by Playstation Europe


The best game I ever loved were ratchet and clank 3: up your arsenal and 4: gladiator. hand down the best ever. hard to pick between the two. they had everything from action, story line and best of all the weapon. where do I begin, firstly I will talk about the game itself, then the story line followed by the game in each generation.

Photo by TvTropes

The game was produced by insomniac games, hence the Ratchet and clank 3: up your arsenal, came out in 2004. the story is based on main key character named Ratchet who is a mechanic Lombax, the last of his kind. he works at mechanic workshop fixing ships, until one night he witness a life changing experience a crashed ship with tiny robot inside. introduced himself as sentry-bot named XJ-0461. Ratchet decided to named him Clank instead. Together they would embark on scary and heroic adventure together, fighting monsters, weird creatures and crazy robotic scientist nefarious.

Photo by Nick Michetti

The weapon in up your arsenal are various destructive power and projectile ability. the following list is few of my favorites.

Shock Blaster: 

charger blaster effective against group of enemies

N60 Storm:

Versatile weapon effective shooting rapidly at surrounding enemies.

Plasma Whip:

Whipping it hard, lava like whip to spin around burning enemies, has limited life span until you level up making it last longer. it’s not very overly effective or destructive weapon on the market.

Suck Cannon:

Suck up small boxes, ammo and weaker monsters until leveling up to suck bigger and stronger enemies.

Holo Shield Glove:

At max level, the holo shield is projectile shield reflecting and absorbing attacks, as well protecting you from groups enemies of firepower.

Rift Inducer:

Similar to suck cannon but shoot out black ball of black hole gravity to suck in surrounding enemies and instantly killing them.


(Buyable during 2nd game play): One of the best, most powerful and rare weapon to get, this is only obtainable after the game is completed. the weapon fire rounds of powerful rocket effective against big monsters and bosses. It is also most expensive weapon to get.

The weapons were fun and has leveling up system for every enemy killed and ammo increased, every time you kill the enemies. they also changed design and power level. each weapon show it capabilities and effectiveness during missions.

Ratchet and clank 4 : Gladiator, released in 2005, the game was focused on character ratchet, clank and Al, who were captured and forced into deadly live game killing entertainment called dreadzone. where contestant are warriors forced to fight to the death and failure to do so the deadlock collar will activate to kill. the game focus more on shooting rather than platforming. the game play begin in space station near entertainment center. ratchet is provided a companion bots to help him fight and win battles, survives and escape. The game was first series to feature cooperative game play in a story mode.

The story line in the game was enjoyable and interactive and hard grinding challenging and it was my kind of style play, although i hated getting killed by weak attack or ambushed rapidly and dying fast. overall the game was exactly kind of game should be made. the game feature combat bots to customize, upgraded weapon only 10 compared to previous series. The ratchet and clank series is one of few games that lasted long due to good sales and fun gameplay as well its popularity.

Fast track to 2016, reimagined ratchet and clank PS4, the game clean slate with take on old classic for next generation gamers.

Photo by Me (PS4 Game)

Inspired by PS2 games era. the game was designed to be based on the movie, based on the game. This was the motto when the game came out before the movie.

Photo by Me (Blu-ray DVD)

I loved the full length movie it was fun, awesome and enjoyable, however the critic put down the film as failure, personally i think they don’t understand games. i couldn’t careless about professional opinion. i’m paying to see the movie and play the game.

Photo by keely89 (Galactic Rangers-PS4)


Ratchet and clank (2016) is a 3D platform shooter game, reimagined based on first series of the game. it was different but brought some classic scene and weapon from PS2. it was fun and felt amazing to relive childhood memories and look forward to see what insomniac games has to offer for next game. i hope to see gladiator and up your arsenal brought back and let us fans enjoy PS2 memories for old times sake. I’m excited what the future has for us and look forward to playing more games and what insomniac games has to offer.


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