KFC: Best Fried Chicken EVERRR :)

Kentucky Fried Chicken known as KFC worldwide, is one of my favorite fast food chain and it is most successful and second largest food chain in history, famous for its classic fried chicken. Its was created by colonel Sanders.

Photo by Mark Morgan

It’s finger licking damn-licious, the first bite, the crunch of the chicken skins, the chips in potato and gravy and I just want to savor the feeling and eat more and more. nothing beat fried chicken and the amazing taste. I couldn’t care less if it’s unhealthy or fatty YOLO. Fatty foods is life.

Unlike Maccas or hungry jack, KFC has more to offer for your bucks, they are amazing and you cant beat potato and gravy with chips they are HEAVEENNNNNN, like seriously why would anyone choose Maccas or hungry jack over KFC. need I to say more.

I cant be bothered for healthy foods they are not yummy foods, cant enjoy them like KFC, I and eat them a lot and never get fat, with my fast metabolism. I would eat them 3 times a week. I would try budget and eat cheaper meal deals. KFC is amazing for its chicken and potato and gravy as well the bread. Maccas is only good for it burgers and Mcflurry. Hungry jack nothing to say about it except free refill drinks.

The point is you can balance eating healthy and fatty foods. but KFC is a winner <3. It may seem weird writing about fast food. There are people in society who enjoy things much worse.


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