Smart Phone Personal Assistant/Artificial Intelligence

Smartphone Intelligent Personal Assistant, first came out with Apple Siri in October 4th 2011, followed by Google now in July 9th 2012 then Microsoft Cortana in April 2nd 2014. Between the three, Microsoft is most efficient personal assistant until 2016 introduction of artificial intelligence. Now I will talk about each personal assistant feature and explain the artificial intelligence assistant that is more advanced and next level personal assistant.

First is Apple Siri, created by program called Objective-C, supported on all apple touch devices, including PC and laptop. Siri is intelligent and knowledge agent navigator. Which uses natural language user interface. However not very practical or responsive in answers you wanted instead direct you with links or google results, based on what the user is seeking. They havent been updated or improved much since being released.

Photo By Bernand Goldbach

They been available on apple devices since IOS 5. It was introduced as a feature on iPhone 4s in 2011, which eventually included dictation eventually. Full device support was included in 2012.

Siri can be activated by voice on those device with newer hardware, by verbally saying Hey Siri hands free. Couple years later, apple finally added support for Macintosh devices (PC, Laptop, IPad) with release of MacSierra OS upgrade including Siri integrated, and many languages supports in all touch and Macintosh devices. Apple is (hopefully) planned a much-needed upgrade for Siri in 2017 with the release of IPhone 8. Finger cross these upgrade do come and these upgrade will improve siri into more efficient smart artificial Intelligence.

Second is google Now/Assistant, developed by google capable of commands, voice searches and everyday tasks. they been supporting android since version 4.1 (Jellybean). Also supported on IOS without most of its features. In 2015, Google phased out the term google now and removed the word “now”.

Photo By Matteo Doni

Google search functionality includes

  • Birthday
  • Boarding pass
  • Concerts
  • Currency
  • Developing story and breaking news
  • Event reminders
  • Flights
  • Friends’ birthdays
  • Hotels
  • Movies
  • Nearby events
  • Nearby photo spots
  • Next appointment
  • Parking location
  • Product listing
  • Public alerts
  • Public transit
  • Research topic
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Sports
  • Time reminders
  • Traffic and transit
  • Translation
  • Weather
  • Website update
  • What to watch

These are few examples google search is capable on mobile. Another feature Google Now supports an additional feature known as “Now On Tap”, which allows users to perform searches a peek of information currently being displayed in an app. When a user activates the feature, by holding the “Home” button or using a voice command, the entire content of the current screen is raised to view.

Google now is great but not perfect nor is everyone first choice. I never have own google related devices. Except using google on Firefox browser. Google planned to replace google now with its own Artificial intelligence Assistant in their newest most expensive Pixel Smartphone. Google Assistant can engage in two-way conversations, which most personal assistant lacks. The assistant is currently integrated into the Google Home device, Allo app, Google Pixel, and Android Wear. It will be included in future versions of Android TV and Android Auto, making them first smart phone to include Artificial intelligence since then Samsung followed the routines, which will see big name company do the same thing in their own version of AI.

Photo by Maurizio Pesce (Google Assistant)

Third is Microsoft Cortana, The name Cortana is a fictional synthetic intelligence character based in the Halo video game series. Voiced by Jen Taylor, who also voice the Mobile version. Cortana is most favorable personal assistant but also most recognised name. I have owned Apple, Android and Window.

I find Cortana much more effective than Siri to use. Cortana was planned as future of operating system in window 10 and Window 10 Mobile. Cortana was simple, easy to use and very effective. In 2015, an ios support was released, like google now on ios, Cortana version was stripped down of its full function on ios, with plans in 2017 for new enhancements and features for android and ios.

Microsoft also incldues plans to support Cortana in their gaming concole Xbox1 and future console, web broweser Microsoft edge bundled with window 10 support. I look forward to what future feature Microsoft has plan for window 10 and Window 10 mobile.

Photo by Brar_J (Coratana on Mobile)

Fourth is Amazon Alexa, developed by Amzon Lab126. Made known as Amazon echo, used a home hub to help with any personal question or searches. It is capable of voice interaction, music playback, making to-do lists, creating personal alarms, playing audiobooks, and providing weather reports, traffic up to date report, and other real time information. Alexa can also control several smart home automation hub.

In November 2014, Amazon announced Alexa alongside Echo.The goal of Alexa was inspired by the use of computer voice and conversational system on board the starship Enterprise in science fiction TV series and movies.

A companion mobile app is used to control Alexa echo with built-in setting controls. The app support IOS, Android and Google Play, to install feature skills, control music, manage alarms, and view shopping lists.

As a result since the introduction of Siri in 2011, we have come a long way into the future of Artificial intelligence slowly phasing out personal assitant on smartphone and upgrading them to be more advanced, smarter and effecient for consumer. I’m excited to see how Samsung Bixby, Google Assistant and others fare out in real world compared to thier personal assistant predecessor. i hope one day in couple years time down the track we be close to achiving a real world jarvis or Samantha from Her film on our phone with support of all features that exist, near field voice recognisition, voice to texts, speech to texts, real time captions. those features exist on some devices or apps. but i hope they become more as standalone software. Bring on the future 😀


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