State Library Excursion & Movie


State Library & Mitchell Library Reading Room

On the 14 march 2017, the day for TAFE excursion to State library, Macquarie Street in the city.

It was gloomy day, humid and depressing day. Woke up at 6 am to get ready, to catch my bus to Blacktown station to meet my classmates Liz and Charmaine to catch train together to the city. The train was crowded, busy and we had good times chatting on the way to Wynyard station. Then we had to walk our way to the state library, we had few issue finding our way due to infrastructure work in the city. But I was able to lead our way on time for meeting time at 10 am for our tour which was limited for an hour.

When we arrived, we saw our teacher Robyn with 2 other people who already arrived Carol and Elly. Our teacher explained what will happen during the tour and we met our tour guide Michelle, who was teacher librarian. Total of 8 people were able to come despite being late, Others didn’t want to go. I collected some guide books and other booklet to gain insight and information to write my blogs.

Before we started our tour, Michelle told us we had to put our bags and belonging in a secured box. Then we made our way to underground stack levels where reference and other collections are stored. there were total of 5 levels. We learnt many things, state library focus on reference books, and you need state library card for access. Then we visited the Mitchell Library reading room, it was big, beautiful and the stained glass was amazing.

Reading Room

Facts and Figures:

State Library of NSW is one of the great libraries of the world unrivalled historical and contemporary collections. Close to 6 millions items are accessible. The library offers online contents including ebooks, edatabases and ejournals, As well growing collections of digitisied materials.

  • Staff: 391

Collections made up of 6.5 million items (1.2 million photos, 11 linear km manuscripts, 114,500 architectural plans, 11,000 oral history).

  • Current Value: $3.142 Billions

Allocation for new collection materials of $6.666 Million plus $899,000 for electronic resources from NSW Government Grant to the library for $10 million for over 3 years to convert the card catalogues into electronic records in 2009/10.

NSW Public Library

  • 374 pub libraries across NSW
  • Nearly 50 million loans were transacted
  • 37.05 millions people visited NSW public libraries
  • 45% million NSW populations are library members.
  • $25.5 million are provided by NSW governments to assist the local authority in provision in regard to p[public library services, which was administrated by SLNSW.
  • Greatest monetary value: John James, Audubons Birds of America, was published in London between 1824 and 1838. There are four volumes worth around USD $12 million.
  • Oldest manuscript: The book of Isaish from the old testament in Latin Vulgate version which dates back from 1225 AD and is Italian origin.
  • Oldest printed book: Johannes Duns Scotus’ Quaestiones In Primum librum sententiarum, published in Venice 1472. The book despite being slightly fire damaged, contain complete texts and is the oldest complete printed volume collection in the state library collection.
  • Rarest printed book: Secreta mulierum et virorum was created by Henry of Saxony was published in Paris 1490. The edition is very rare piece.

After visiting the Mitchell library we were taken to Shakespeare room. Where we learn the history about William Shakespeare works, the room itself and items within the room. the Shakespeare room was constructed in 1940s. it was designed in Tudor period, the plastered ceiling is modelled on Cardinal Wolsey closet at Hampton Court Palace. the intricate design and frieze features prince of Wales feathers, Tudors rose, mermen and mermaids, dolphins vases etc.


The stained glass window depicts the seven ages of man. They were crafted by Arthur Benfield.

Also the timbers is a Tasmanian oak and blackwood, which were treated to look like english oak. Shakespeare coats of arms found carved on the ceiling above the entrance door represent Queen Elizabeth I, with Latin motto Semper eaden (Always the same). The library hold the only official folio copy published in 1962.

After we visited the room. our tour ended, my teacher said we can visit the galleries and we are free to do whatever we wanted. most of us visited the gallery and took photos. Below are few examples I saw and liked a lot.



After we finished looking around and taking photos. We were dismissed for the day, some of us part ways to go home, some to have lunch family and loved one and few of us including me decided to see a movie. we decided to see Kong: Skull Island, and buy chocolates at Haigh’s Chocolates. First we walked to Woollies to buy some drinks and chocolate, then made our way to hungry jack near event cinema. Myself, Liz, Charmaine and Matt had lunch. We chatted and relaxed before going to event cinema to buy our tickets. then walked to confectionary area. we bought drinks and snacks.

Our screening Vmax session and we had to deal with so many commercial ads before our movie started. when it started to begin. we were introduced to various characters before we  got to see our beast king, in badass way.


KONG (Beast King)


The movie had so much action, killing and amazing fight scene. it was definitely better than king kong film from 2005. there was lot of changes and better quality and storyline. overall I loved it and so badass. After we finished our movie, we walked around to get to Haigh’s Chocolates. we all shared between us and bought some to bring home.

After we purchased our chocolates, we decided to go home and took a train home from town hall station. it was long ride home. but we had long day of fun, memories and many laughs :D.







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